A tooth implant is a convenient solution that provides a near perfect replacement where there is a loss of a natural tooth. Due to their functional and aesthetic benefits, dental implants are now considered the preferred treatment option over more conventional treatments such as dentures and bridges. 

What is an implant

An implant is a rod that is surgically placed within the jaw beneath the gum. This provides a solid foundation for the placement of an artificial tooth such as a ceramic crown. With careful colour matching it is virtually impossible to distinguish which tooth has been replaced. 

Benefits of an implant

There are a number of key advantages of using an implant supported crown over more conventional treatments such as a denture or bridge:

  1. The implant is fixed and has the feel of a natural tooth. This provides a greater level of comfort and functionality when it comes to chewing and biting. 
  2. The dental implant is its own entity, meaning that if any work is required on the implant crown in the future, the adjacent teeth are not affected. 
  3. Dentures are held in place with the use of ‘clasps’ that clip to the surrounding teeth. The continuous removal and replacement of dentures presents a high risk of damage to these teeth. This is not the case for an implant which functions independently. 
  4. Is is easier to clean around an implant than beneath a bridge.  The risk of plaque build up and tooth decay on the adjacent teeth is far less likely. 

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