Comprehensive Exam and cleaning

Comprehensive Exam

All big problems start out small. Prevention is our priority. 

Most people don't think to go to the dentist until they have pain or discomfort. This may seem like a sensible enough strategy, but in many instances, problems may be occurring that don't provide any clues. 

Regular comprehensive examinations are all about ensuring that any concerns are nipped in the bud before they have the opportunity to cause a cascade of dental problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, bone loss, halitosis (bad breath) and eventually, tooth loss. 

Patient education can often be the most effective (and affordable) method of ensuring that future visits become effortless and easy. Sometimes a small tweak of our habits at home; our brushing technique, the type of floss we are using, our diet and water consumption can have a big impact on our overall oral health. 

At Wild Dental, we suggest having a general comprehensive exam every 6-12 months.

What to expect: 

At Wild Dental, we begin with a comprehensive examination of the teeth and gums in order to create a personalised treatment plan.  We check for things like tooth decay, cracking, periodontal (gum) disease, oral cancers, and damage or deterioration of previous dental work.  

We take routine radiographs to check for any early signs of tooth decay and gum disease.  In many instances, if a lesion can be identified early we can avoid the need to place a filling in the future. 

We take the time to explain the source of any problems and ensure you are equipped with strategies at home that give you the best possible opportunity for a lifetime of exceptional oral health. 


The removal of plaque and calculus is critical for long term oral health. If left to its own devices it can cause a whole host of dental concerns such as tooth decay, gingivitis, bone loss, halitosis (bad breath), and eventually, tooth loss. 

At Wild Dental however, it’s not just about cleaning. It is what we like to call preventative care. It’s taking the time to sit down and discuss with you:

  • Diet and its relationship with tooth decay,
  • The glorious effect of saliva and its relationship with oral health,
  • The amazing effect of fluoride, as recognised by the World Health Organisation,
  • Effective brushing techniques to clean those hard-to-reach surfaces, and
  • Identifying the right products for you.

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